The Brain Map Personality Profiling Tool

Typical Brain Map

BrainMap Output

If you run anything at all, you know your main challenge is connecting with people to motivate them – to buy things from you – to help deliver the goods and services you’ve created, to engage with other people.

You need a great story that connects you emotionally with others.

BUT. Other people don’t see the world the way you do.  To reach them you must tell your story from their point of view.

Enter the BrainMap. Devised by Dudley  Lynch of Brain Technologies Corporation, it’s a simple yet powerful tool to help you understand our own thinking and so that of our friends, customers and colleagues.  Understanding how different groups of people see each other makes you more persuasive because you can express your message in ways that your audience finds attractive and comfortable.

The BrainMap is part of a suite of products that help you

  • Understand how you think
  • Understand how your values have developed
  • Crystallise your purpose
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Be clear about how your respond to different situations and issues.

Self knowledge – the most powerful tool.

Dudley’s models and tools are really powerful but simple enough for practical people like you to understand and apply quickly for tangible results in your own environment.

This site describes tools, ideas, and workshops together with some examples of how The BrainMap has worked for other people like you.

You can order the BrainMap here


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