What are explorers like?

Explorers are visionaries and early adopters. They explore options,  find hot-spots, are interested in R & D. They are excited about living the question.

Some are just pure explorers,  some are more interested in exploring new ways of relating to other people, while some are more interested in developing new systems. The highest expression of this trait is those rare souls who are interested in blending people and systems skills to build robust and sustainable systems.

This mindset is future orientated, self  motivated and is the most comfortable with complexity and ambiguity – at a premium in today’s business environment.

Tends to travel light and be focused on tools that help leverage the individual’s ability to get things done. Smart phones, how to use the internet for communication and collaboration – stuff like that.  Will always dress functionally – this can mean rohan or a good suit for a necessary business negotiation.

Field independence is what this mindset is all about.

Sometimes has trouble dealing with people who can’t keep up and will typically try and get a negotiating advantage by reframing or changing the context.  If you want to sell to them stress newness, possibilities and say you’ve chosen them because they’re well known to be opinion formers.

This is the first of 4 thumbnail sketches of the main archetypal behaviour styles the BrainMap describes. We’ll go on and consider how they relate to each other later – and what this means for your communication strategy.

If you would like to explore the BrainMap for yourself you can buy one here.

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