LEAP! – Dudley Lynch’s new book now available in the UK

Dudley Lynch

Dudley Lynch

Dudley Lynch, best selling author of Strategy of the Dolphin,  has now released his first new book since Mother of All Minds nearly 8 years ago.

He revisits the world of the Dolphin and reviews how you can learn to cope with and thrive in this strange 21st century where change is a given and how the tools of exploration, judgement and resilience can help you understand and cope with the increasing waves of change we all have to deal with.

It’s not enough to have the vision of how things could be – you have to learn to pragmatically put together the building blocks that will make it so.

In short it’s a guide to how to LEAP to what’s next and contains 8 inspirational profiles of  your peers who have responded effectively to the challenges that face them.

You can buy the book here

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