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The BrainMap Quadrants

We don’t see the world as it is – we see it the way we think. And not everyone sees it the same way as we do.

One of our tasks as business leaders is to motivate people to work with us – as customers, as collaborators, as employees.

This boils down to having a clear vision and expressing it in ways that resonate with the people you want to motivate. Put baldly – if you talk to them in language that relates to how they like to think – and what their values are you’re more likely to get a result than if you don’t.

In our work in IT it became apparent that most IT (and indeed other projects) fail because of people issues. We thought for a long time that good project management would plug the gap – but it goes deeper – much deeper. What we need is a workable model that’s powerful enough to apply in daily life without us having to spend years of our lives studying business Psychology. So we looked for a practical toolkit.

We think we found it in the tools developed by Dudley Lynch, author of Strategy of the Dolphin to help us understand ourselves – and others – better.

And to think creatively about our situation – so we can find new, more elegant ways of doing things.

Because if we understand where we come from and where our audience comes from we can create a powerful, motivational narrative that works with both customers and staff. After all, the most powerful organisations have a unifiying communicated vision. If we tell it inside the business we call it leadership, if we tell it outside we call it marketing – but it’s the same story.

Left Brain Right Brain

Dudley’s tool kit includes the BrainMap, which deals with styles of thinking, MindMaker6 which deals with values systems and a comprehensive analysis known as the Asset Report which deals with our personal thinking, our relationships, thinking skills, and how we deal with our career, change, games people play with us and how we can make the best of ourselves.

The BrainMap deals with the balance between left and right brain – detail and big picture – and between thinking and instinctive behaviour. It shows us where we are strong and suggests ways in which we can develop areas we would like to do more with. Most of us have access to all 4 of the major styles of functioning but we tend to prefer detail, action, exploring or building and maintaining teams.

Our values tend to reflect these preferences integrated with whether our motivations are more to ourselves or the groups we are part of. Dudley’s analysis is based on the Graves Spiral. What this means in practical terms is that if you understand how people think and their orientations you can communicate with them more effectively.

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