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PathPrimer Tool

PathPrimer Tool

You’ve decided to make the break and set up on your own but you’re not entirely sure what line to take. What of all the things that you COULD do is the one that ‘s really going to work for you?

To mobilise a team, you need to be certain about what YOU love to do. This is where the Path Primer ® can help you. Devised by Dudley Lynch of Brain Technologies Inc, it helps you tap the power of your personal purpose. By forcing you to consider the direction your life is going in, the Path Primer ® helps you focus on the activities that make you feel most alive.

Business Plan

Many small businesses fail due to a lack initial planning and direction – don’t make the same mistake!

  • If you want to get better results from your business
  • If you are running a successful business that has now lost it’s way
  • If you need to review your business model

then the Path Primer® session may be right for you. When you are at a crossroads it’s a good time to take stock of what really motivates you. If you can uncover your life’s purpose it will allow you to create an inspiring future for yourself.

Our Path Primer ® consultancy session is conducted personally by Dr Alan Rae. It lets you explore ideas and make decisions with the help of tried and tested business advice and industry knowledge. Alan is a trained Brain Technologies facilitator and has over 20 years experience running and advising start up and growth businesses. He works through the guide with you and helps you decide where to go next.

The entire process takes 2-3 hours and costs £300 + VAT (which includes your copy of the Path Primer). Follow up can include personal development plans, business development or marketing plans.

To book or discuss how the session works ring 0845 094 0407

We let you to look at your life as a whole

  • What were you doing when things were going well
  • What were you doing when things were going badly
  • What this tells you about your purpose.

You will be sent the document ahead of the meeting and have telephone support while filling it in.

On the day of the consultancy you will sit with a trained practitioner who will take you through the steps of the process, challenge you gently as to whether your answers go deep enough and help you formulate a vision for your way forward.

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