Coaching and HR

Brain Technologies in Coaching.

These tools work well  for coaches and those who want to bring out the best in the people they work with. Self development begins with self knowledge. These tools help you and your team or clients understand

  • how they think
  • what their value systems are
  • what their purpose is.

For those of you engaged in couples work there is a special Couples BrainMap ® which you may find useful.

The tools are attractive and compared to competitive products they are easy to understand and use, inexpensive and don’t need expensive and time consuming accreditation.

We have set up a distribution system in the UK where it’s possible for you to have access to these tools plus support and guidance. If you are using them professionally all we require is that you buy the users guide for the tools that you wish to support.

Professional support is available at reasonable rates here in the UK by video connection or in person in the London area and South East. We have embedded these tools into various leadership and marketing courses which may be of interest to your clients and we are able to offer you a professional supply and affiliate programme based on our internet marketing base in Sussex.

HR professionals .

One of the key concerns of the HR professional is developing the team leading abilities of the staff for which they are responsible. In fact the UK government is quite focused on supporting leadership training for small to medium companies.

In some areas, conflict resolution is a real issue and getting the right balance in management style is difficult.

However we all know of examples of people who are totally results focused, who like using punishment because “it’s quick, it’s easy and it makes me feel good” who have astronomical levels of staff turnover on the one hand, and managers who have the most cohesive, socially fulfilled teams that never get anything done. Surely there has to be a better way? A theory Z?

In today’s world, we need to achieve a synthesis based on a deeper understanding of the dynamic forces at work – and the individual motivations that can make or break new projects and other change management initiatives.

Staff motivation

This is where the work of Dudley Lynch is so powerful. It helps us realise that we don’t all think the same way and that different people have different values. How they relate to the company culture they find themselves in makes a difference and the amount of attention they get makes a difference. In order to deliver the performance that is needed in todays world – where an alignment of staff motivation with company purpose and results is needed, the mature individual is at a premium.

The characteristics of a mature individual is one who is

  • active
  • independent
  • multi-skilled
  • has strong, stable interests
  • thinks in the long terms
  • tends to behave as a collaborating equal rather than a subordinate
  • shows self-awareness and self control

Dudley’s work with the Graves Spiral leads to the conclusion that individuals mature as their life experiences teach them to balance individual expression with the needs of the group. They handle ambiguity well and behave spontaneously within a viable process structure.

Group Dynamics

This means that we can map the characteristics of individuals and groups and gain an understanding of the group dynamics. The instruments for carrying this analysis out grow out of The BrainMap tool® .This essentially assesses the thinking preferences of the individual and allows us to explore the balance between left brain (results) and right brain (pattern) orientation on the one hand and thinking vs instinctive behaviour on the other.

Organisations on the Graves Spiral

This allows us to identify how the individual’s motivations partition between belonging, pursuing, controlling and exploring. This gives us insight into how these thinking styles tend to deal with conflict and how they see each other – and into the the characteristic value systems that they adopt. We can even begin to map how these relate to the cultures of different types of organisation.

We have the tools to help you help team leaders understand and guide the dynamics of the workplace.

They are powerful but easy to understand. Best of all they’re inexpensive. We can summarise them as follows

The BrainMap® deals with thinking styles

The MCircle® tool deals with preferred conflict strategies

The MindMaker6® tool deals with values systems.

These instruments are £10 each plus delivery. The Asset Report® delivers a 100 plus page book which provides a synthesis of all the different models and delivers a comprehensive insight to the individual manager into their behaviour.

These tools are powerful. We have used them for away days and for developing a cabin crew training programme for a major airline. They are available from stock and do not require lengthy and expensive accreditation programmes. We can cover the core knowledge you need in a 1 day training course to use the BrainMap and MCircle tools confidently and a further day to make effective use of the insights of the MindMaker6

Insights and Results

What this will do for you and your company will deliver the insights to team leaders and players alike of how they relate to each other – what language and behaviours work for different types of people. This knowledge is invaluable for those in a customer facing role because it allows them to truly start to be emotionally intelligent by recognising and relating to the underlying signatures of those they meet quickly and effectively.

For more information, please contact Dr Alan Rae on 0845 094 0407 to discuss how we may help you to get your organisation ready to meet the challenges of this strange new business landscape we find ourselves in.

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