Getting your Message Across

The key skill in marketing is making sure that your message moves your target market.

Both  writing and face to face communication need to resonate with the values of the people in your market segment.  After all not everyone wants to drive a Ferrari and own a greek island. Some people – more than conventional copywriters would have you believe are motivated by altruism and support for the group.

So how can you decide how to frame your communications?.

First thing is to understand clearly where you come from yourself. This is why the Brain Technologies suite of products is so powerful. If you are familiar with your own thinking styles and values systems by using the BrainMap ® and MindMaker6 ® toolkit then you can begin to get an idea of where others might be and what they might see by looking at the same set of circumstances and events.

Visionaries and controllers look at each other with suspicion. Achievers can’t abide the restrictions that’s required in belonging to a loyalist organisation such as the police service. Once you know this you can start to identify the market segments that are most likely to respond to your own values – and how best to communicate with them.

So to introduce you to these ideas, we’ve created an introductory workshop which will help you understand how these tools work and how to apply them to your marketing – Developing your story and telling it face to face, in writing and online. This workshop is priced at £97 – the next one is on the 2nd July at Gatwick.  It includes copies of both BrainMap and MindMaker6.

You can book your place here.

Why is this so important?

If you use “me” language with “we” people they will perceive you as pushy, selfish and they’ll use passive aggression against you. If you use “we” language with “me” people then you’ll be seen as weak and will be marginalised. There’s nothing more frustrating than being on the wrong end of this – believe me.

Entrepreneurs often experience the “chasm” effect when they get stuck and can’t seem to quite make it into the main market..

The reason for this is – as any salesman will tell you – we sell most easily to people like ourselves.

The Chasm

The Chasm according to Geoffrey Moore

If we are visionaries ourselves, once we run out of fellow visionaries like ourselves we’re stuck – because we find it hard to relate to the mentality of the pragmatists who run the businesses in the early main market on the other side of the chasm.

Pragamatists don’t like feeling exposed. If we look at what drives them they think something like this

  • We’ll resist change as long as possible
  • When it’s time to change we’ll do it as quickly as possible
  • We’ll get it over with as quickly as possible

This means that if we’re writing for them or trying to persuade them we need to appeal to the element of safety first in their make up – as well as the need to be seen to be right. These individuals have a mixture of achiever and control in their make up – and that’s what they need to read and hear to get your offer across the chasm. If you keep on pushing about how innovative the product or service is – they just won’t hear it. To motivate this group you need to focus on results – and face up to the fact that you may not be the best person to deliver that message.

So here is a 3 step process to follow.

1. Obtain a copy of The BrainMap ® and MindMaker6 ® tools
2. Develop your story with the aid of social media for real Businesses Workbook
3. Discuss it with our experts


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